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What are the basic characteristics of PUR hot melt glue lamination machine?
What are the basic characteristics of PUR hot melt glue lamination machine?
The characteristics of PUR hot melt glue lamination machine are as follows:
The PUR hot melt glue do not contain solvents, is an ideal green environmental protection glue, products with no residual solvents, produces no pollution emissions, save energy, cover an area of an area small, composite process of wet solid reaction, irreversible, good adhesion strong resistance wash fastness, PUR hot melt adhesive water and solvent, not without drying, composite speed, good adhesion, resin with province, cost savings, composite process full linkage control, base material without stretching, qualitative light, soft, feel is good, the heat source for hot oil, quick heating, heat evenly, melt system independence, melt full speed, dot net glue, the finished good air permeability, good stereoscopic, the machine design of human nature, Save operators.
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