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The quality stability of coated abrasive converting machine process material

The quality stability of coated abrasive converting machine process material

The production of products, Material is the basis of quality, and lamination processing is to let the quality of materials on a new level of processing technology.
Lamination processing is to be two kinds or two kinds of above material synthetize a kind of new material, want many taller than onefold material on character of quality and function, a lot of manufacturer can choose material to undertake lamination processing.
In the case of clothing, composite processing combines fabric with fabric or fabric with film.
Above all in wear-resisting be able to bear water respect is compared oneness fabrics do raw material superior much.
For sportswear, such as mountaineering clothes, the fabric needs to be compounded, because mountaineering clothes not only need to be wear-resistant and washable, but also need to be warm, breathable, moisture permeable, windproof and other functions.
The car cushion material also needs to carry on the lamination processing.
Fabric or leather as a face cloth, and foam has the characteristics of soft, good flexibility.
And because use lamination glue to contain the function of fire prevention, have certain assurance on safe performance so, the car cushion that makes so has market competition ability than common car cushion.

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