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The correct use of PUR hot melt machine

The correct use of PUR hot melt machine

How to correctly use hot melt glue machine, few manufacturers will tell you some specific details, and these details often determine the service life of the glue machine, if the correct use of hot melt glue machine, can let his life extended.

I. inspection before installation

1. Whether the cable drawing board, wires, plugs and sockets are intact, whether the heat containers are loose or damaged, and whether the special pipe reducer is intact.
2. Whether the pipes and fittings are of the same brand.

II, hot melt adhesive composite machine normal manufacturer production of hot melt machine generally have the red and green light, red light on behalf of the heating, green represents a constant temperature, for the green light for the first time you should not use, must be the second time when the green light to use, when the melt temperature at 260 ℃ to 280 ℃.
Lower or higher than this temperature, will cause the connection can not be completely fused, leaving potential for water seepage.

III, at both ends of each pipe before construction, should check whether the damage on the pipe to prevent transit damage, if there are any damage or uncertain, pipe installation, the port should be minus 4-5 cm, does not use a hammer or a weight tap on a pipe, in order to prevent pipe explosion, relative to improve the service life of the four, cutting pipes must make end surface is perpendicular to the axis of the tube, pipe cutting should be used for pipe cutting.

IV. Add -- insert the pipe end into the heating die head sleeve without rotation and insert it into the marked depth. Meanwhile, push the pipe fitting to the heating die head without rotation to reach the specified mark.

V. When the heating time is reached, immediately remove the pipe fittings from the heating mold and insert them into the depth of the hot melt in a straight line without rotation to form uniform flange at the joint and control the rebound after insertion.

VI. During the processing time specified in the above table, the newly welded joint can be calibrated with a small amount of rotation, but after the processing time, it is strictly prohibited to forcibly correct.
Note: the connected pipes and fittings should not be inclined. The pipes should be basically flat, horizontal and vertical. The Angle of the faucet should not be wrong and the faucet should not be installed normally.

VII, in the provision of cooling time, do not let the newly processed joint bear external force.

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