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Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine

Key Features:
1)Solvent based glue or PU glue is applicable for the film laminating machine.
2)Glue is transferred evenly to material surface via engraved roller (dot or diamond shape or other shapes). Therefore, laminated materials are soft, waterproof and breathable.
3)The glue quantity is decided by two factors: the distance between the glue roller and the glue scraping blade (pneumatic control) and second, the glue roller mesh you choose for the laminating machine.
4)Special high temperature resistant and antirust Teflon paper on the drying roller surface protects materials' original and unique features and characteristics and prevents the glue from sticking to the roller of the laminating machine.
5)Special film unwinding device and film lining reclaimer are installed on the upper plate, facilitating operation as well as saving space. The glue can be transferred onto film or the other fabric before laminating, more options.
6)Efficient cooling device boosts the lamination effect.

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